ATLEASTCOLLECTION is a women owned brand; founded in Vancouver, BC. We believe in quality in our pieces with simplistic, classic and trendy designs. Our jewelry is designed to wear on any occasion with durability and long lasting shine. Partnering with numerous manufacturers in Canada and the USA to help us create our vision so that each pieces are thoughtfully created with care and time. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@atleastcollection.com and if you need some daily inspiration follow us on IG @atleastcollection.


14k Gold Filled - a thick layer of solid gold that is mechanically bonded to a base of metals -- in our case, sterling silver or brass. The gold in gold filled jewelry is 10 to 15 times thicker than gold plating.


18k Gold Vermeil - a common type of gold plating that uses a sterling silver base metal. Gold Vermeil is hypoallergenic and very durable that can last years with proper care. 


14k Gold Plated - made with a base metal (copper or brass) and a layer of gold plating. With time and wear, the gold plating can rub off from the base metal.
925 Sterling Silver - using 92.5% silver and 7.5% with other metals, we coat our silver pieces with rhodium to have extra durability and long lasting shine. 
Every piece is hypoallergenic and lead free. To ensure long lasting jewelry, proper care has to be maintained. Visit our "how to care" guide page, to learn more on how to keep the shine and stay long lasting.